How It Works:

Carboplatin belongs to a class of medication called antineoplastic or alkalyting agents. It is a platinum-containing compound. Carboplatin kills cancer cells by binding to cell’s DNA and interfering with the repair mechanism of the cell at all stages of the cell cycle, eventually leading to cell death. It thereby slows down or stops the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Side Effects:

ringing sound in ear or lack of hearing, allergic reactions, kidney problems, tingling feeling in hands or feet, sore lips or ulcers in the mouth, unusual bruising or bleeding, pain in stomach or cramps, increased amount of urea, loss of hair and nausea., myelosuppression, Tiredness, flu or fever, abnormal liver enzymes, uric acid and creatinine in blood, diarrhea or constipation, decreased level of salts in the body, decreased serum calcium

Used For:

Carboplatin is medication used alone or in combination with other drugs in the treatment of advanced ovarian (organs where eggs are formed) cancer and in lung cancer when treatment with other medicines have failed. It is also sometimes used to treat cancer of bladder and uterus; head and neck; cervix and testicles; Wilms' tumor (a type of kidney cancer that occurs in children); certain types of brain tumors; neuroblastoma (a cancer that begins in nerve cells and occurs mainly in children); and retinoblastoma (cancer in the eye).


  • Inform your doctor if you have a history of kidney (renal) disorder. 
  • Kidney and liver function will be monitored during carboplatin treatment.
  • Neurological and hearing assessments may be required on regular basis during treatment with high doses of carboplatin.
  • It is generally recommended that aluminium containing equipment not be used for delivering carboplatin.
  • Concurrent treatment with following medications is not recommended: amino glycoside, vancomycin, capreomycin and diuretics.
  • Allergic reactions (like hives; skin rash; itching; reddening of the skin; difficulty breathing or swallowing; dizziness; faintness; or fast heartbeat) may occur during therapy which will be duly managed by your doctor.
  • There might be low numbers of platelets or white blood cells during therapy and hence, frequent monitoring of blood cell counts and transfusions of the same may be required.
  • Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following during the therapy: fever, sore throat, chills, ongoing cough and congestion, or other signs of infection; unusual bleeding or bruising; black and tarry stools; red blood in stools; bloody vomit; vomited material that looks like coffee grounds.
  • Women who are planning to become pregnant should use two methods of contraception while on this therapy and 6 months after it.
  • Men who are going to use this therapy should not father a child while on this therapy and 6 months after stopping. They should also seek guidance and counselling on sperm conservation before taking this therapy.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q. Is carboplatin safe during pregnancy?Carboplatin may harm the baby. It should only be given if there is no other alternative drug. Please follow your doctor's advice regarding its use.
Q. Is carboplatin safe during breast feeding?Carboplatin is not safe during breast feeding. It should only be used if no other alternative drug is available. Please follow your doctor's advice regarding its use.
Q. Is carboplatin a generic?Yes, carboplatin is a generic platinum-based compound.
Q. Is carboplatin cell cycle specific?No, carboplatin is not a cell cycle specific anticancer medication.
Q. Is carboplatin vesicant/cardio-toxic/ anthracycline?No carboplatin is not cardio-toxic/ anthracycline/vesicant. 
Q. Is carboplatin FDA approved?Yes carboplatin is an FDA approved drug.
Q. Is carboplatin used for breast cancer? Is it a platinum based drug?Yes carboplatin is a platinum based drug and is effectively used in combination with other drugs to treat advanced stage breast cancer.
Q. Is carboplatin available in pill form?No carboplatin is not available in pill form.
Q. Does carboplatin cause neuropathy/ hearing loss/ hair loss/ weight gain/ constipation/ leukemia? Does it cause infertility?Yes carboplatin is known to cause side effects like neuropathy, hearing loss, hair loss, weight gain, and constipation. Please inform your doctor about any side-effect that you may observe on taking this drug. Infertility while on therapy may be caused as a side effect of this drug but it may be reverse after stopping the therapy. Yes carboplatin may cause leukemia if it is used for a long duration.
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