Return, Refund & Cancellation Policies

Team Treatopedia facilitates processing correct medicines as per order and prescription and strives to service the medicines and products in right conditions/ without any damage every time a consumer places an order. We also strongly recommend the items are checked at the time of delivery.

The following situations may arise which may cause the action of replacement or refund of medicine/ordered products:

  • Product(s) delivered do not match your order
  • Product(s) delivered are past or near to its expiry date (medicines with an expiry date of less than 03 months shall be considered as near expiry)
  • Product(s) delivered were damaged in transit (do not to accept any product which has a tampered seal)

If your ordered medicine/products comes under any of the above situation, Treatopedia will completely or partially refund that order's payment depending on the type and amount of damage and customer's preference to get refund or replacement for the same.

Please note that we cannot promise a replacement for all products as it will depend on the availability of the particular product, in such cases we will offer a refund.

Note: If the product that you have received is damaged, then do not accept the delivery of that product. If after opening the package you discover that the product is damaged, the same may be returned for a refund. Please note that we cannot promise a replacement for all products as it will depend on the availability of the particular product, in such cases we will offer a refund.

In the aforesaid unlikely situations, if there is something wrong with the order, we'd be happy to assist and resolve your concern. You may raise a Return request with our customer care within 07 (Seven) days from the delivery of the product. Treatopedia reserves the right to cancel the Return request, if the customer reaches out to Treatopedia after 7 days of delivery.

Upon receiving your Return/Refund request, Treatopedia shall verify the authenticity and the nature of the request. If Treatopedia finds that the request is genuine, it will initiate the Return and Refund process. Treatopedia shall process the refund only once it has received the confirmation from the vendor concerned in respect of the contents of the product relating to that refund.

In the event of frivolous and unjustified complaints regarding the quality and content of the products, Treatopedia reserves the right to pursue necessary legal actions against you and you will be solely liable for all costs incurred by Treatopedia in this regard.

The returns are subject to the below conditions:

  • Any wrong ordering of product doesn’t qualify for Return
  • Batch number of the product being returned should match as mentioned on the invoice
  • Return requests arising due to change in prescription do not qualify for Return
  • Product being returned should only be in their original manufacturer's packaging i.e. with original price tags, labels, bar-code and invoice; and
  • Partially consumed strips or products do not qualify for Return, only fully unopened strips or products can be returned

Category of Non-Returnable Products:

Certain categories of products will not qualify for the Return as per Treatopedia Return policy. The details of the non-returnable products are mentioned below:

  • Baby Care Products (Bottle Nipples, Breast Nipple Care, Breast Pumps, Diapers, Ear Syringes, Nappy, Wet Reminder, Wipes and Wipe Warmers)
  • Food and Nutrition (Health Drinks, Health Supplements)
  • Healthcare Devices (Glucometer Lancet/Strip, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Surgical, Health Monitors)
  • Sexual Wellness (Condoms, Fertility Kit/Supplement, Lubricants, Pregnancy Kits)
  • Temperature Controlled and Speciality Medicines (Vials, Injections, Vaccines, Penfills and any other Product, requiring cold storage, or medicines that fall under the category of speciality medicines)

Return Process for Medicine:

In case of Medicine Delivery Order, a Refund request raised shall follow the following steps:

  • For Return intimation, please call us at +91-80-8812-8812 (Open 9:30AM - 9:30PM from Monday - Saturday and 9:30AM - 6PM on Sunday)
  • Treatopedia customer care team will verify the claim made by the customer within 72 (seventy-two) business hours from the time of receipt of complaint
  • Once the claim is verified as genuine and reasonable, Treatopedia will initiate the collection of product(s) to be returned
  • The customer will be required to pack the product(s) in original manufacturer’s packaging
  • Refund will be completed within 30 (thirty) days from date of reverse pick up (if required)

Return Process for Lab Tests:

In case of Lab Tests Booking Order, a Refund request may be raised in the following cases:

  • If the patient has suffered from Haematoma or any prick related injury
  • If the report has been challenged and no proper justification (i.e. reasonable clarification provided either by Treatopedia or the diagnostic centre) has been provided
  • If the time limit within which a report has to be provided to the patient is breached by 72 (seventy-two) hours and no proper justification (i.e reasonable clarification provided either by Treatopedia or the diagnostic centre) has been provided

The customer is required to raise the Refund request with our customer care within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the collection of sample or generation of report or as the case may be.

How Refunds are processed:

  • Order placed through online wallet will be credited to the wallet; and
  • Order placed through cash on delivery will be refunded through fund transfer to customer bank account

For any further Refund related information, please write to [email protected].

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